From pre-planning phase, design and construction to final occupancy, we have the ability to take any problem as a challenge to solve, the creativity, and the power to deliver on time.


JAB Consult provides highly qualified, accurate, and time efficient supervision service to support and enhance the project execution.

By employing the best resources, our construction Managers, Engineers, Supervisors, and Inspectors utilize their primary knowledge with growing experience to deliver high class skills in our Survey services.

We provide construction supervision on two phases, office based and site based as follows:

  • Design review
  • Shop drawing review
  • Material submittal approval
  • Project specification conformity
  • Health & Safety compliance regulations
  • Site supervision
  • Payment certificate arrangement
  • Conducting periodical site meetings
  • Study and evaluate contractor’s claims
  • Coordinate with the client regarding the approval
  • Supervise preliminary handing over procedures
  • Final Handover


JAB Consult survey division is offering a wide range of services that assist in the planning and design of infrastructural and building works. These services include

Topographic Survey

JAB Consult professional land surveying team is well-versed in the nuances of topographic surveying. Utilizing the latest surveying technology, JAB consult land surveyors produce accurate, consistently reliable topographic surveys, saving you both time and money.

Construction Survey

JAB Consult applies state of art techniques to carry out construction surveys using levels, total station and real time kinematic (RTK) GNSS system. The staked reference points guide the construction of proposed improvements on the property, and will help to ensure that:

  • the project is built according to engineering design plans.
  • the project is completed on schedule, on budget and as intended.

Route Survey

When accuracy matters, your choice of surveying company matters.

JAB Consult team of experts and professionals is committed to achieve the highest level of accuracy. we supply the data necessary to determine alignment, grading, and earthwork quantities for various engineering projects such as:

  • Roads
  • Railroads
  • Pipelines
  • Utilities

Underground Survey

JAB Consult applies integrated utility mapping solutions, including: conventional survey techniques, Global positioning systems, Ground Penetrating Radar. our survey operations performed beneath the surface of the earth in connection with exploration and construction for many purposes such as:

  • Structural inspection
  • Underground detection and mapping for utility lines of various material types
  • Geological investigation.

Laser scanning

True 3D data captured by our Land Surveyors saves time & money for our clients. we scan any interior or exterior man-made or natural structure or area and create a complete raw data set in the form of a 3D image made up from millions of points of data called a “3D point cloud”. With the technology of laser scanning we produce:

  • high-speed and high-accuracy results.
  • 3D models.
  • Complete structure geometry captured in High Definition

Deformation Survey

JAB Consult provides precise measurements of structural conditions. Our ultra-precise equipment will detect any differences in the fixed monitoring points placed on a structure which then are recorded for comparative report.

We also provide:

  • fixed benchmarks and control points locations for later observations.
  • photographic documentation of interior and exterior structural conditions for initial and subsequent measurement changes.

Volume Survey

JAB Consult carries on Computation of volumes for stockpiles for detailed material quantities using total station, GPS (RTK) GNSS and laser scanner depending on the level of accuracy required by our clients.

Volume survey produce:

  • accurate volume of the surveyed materials.
  • 2D drawing and map.
  • 3D model.

Mining Survey

We deliver a wide range of mine surveying services, both open cut and underground. We apply the most effective survey techniques along with our experience to achieve the highest results.

Our solutions for the mine automate processes include:

  • Establishment of project survey control points network.
  • Topographic Surveys.
  • As-Built Surveys.
  • 3D Laser Scanning and Modeling.
  • Stockpile and earthworks volumes.


At JAB Consult we have a specialized division in Engineering Safety and Fire Prevention, our specialized engineers and technicians are well aware of the civil defense’ conditions.

◘ Site Control
◘ Site Orientation
◘ H2S Awareness
◘ H2S Reponses
◘ H2S Safety Specialist ◘ Supervision


JAB Consult is a professionally licensed independent third-party Inspection Service Provider for Civil & M.E.P (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing). We are dedicated to serve in the fields of engineering inspection & control related to Commercial,
Private and Industrial facilities.


◦ Aluminum Door & Windows
◦ Blast Doors
◦ Pre-Cast Concrete
◦ Chain link fence
◦ Hollow metal doors
◦ Frames and hard ward structural
◦ steel works
◦ Batching Plants
◦ Concrete Mix Design
◦ Asphalt Mix design and others


◦ Pressure Vessels as per ASME& API 510
◦ Steel Tank Inspections as per API 653 & 650
◦ Heat Exchanger
◦ Skid mounted structures
◦ Piping Inspection as per API 570
◦ Pipes/Fittings / Flanges as per ASTM A234 /
API 5L / ASTM A53/ASTM A106/ ASTM A105/
◦ ASTM A350 and Valves as per API 600,602,598,6D
◦ Structural steel as per AWS D.1.1
◦ Rotary equipment, Pumps
◦ Compressors, Turbines, Generators
◦ RTR Pipes, Fiber Glass Tanks,  Studs/Bolts/Nuts/
Washers, Steel Doors
◦ Frames & lot of others Mechanical Items


◦ Wires & Cables
◦ Conduits
◦ Transformers
◦ Switch rack
◦ Panel Boards
◦ Control Systems
◦ Fire Fighting System
Security Systems CCTV
◦ Paging, Systems/Fence
Intrusion Systems
◦ Electrical Fixture
◦ Lighting Poles
◦ Cathodic Protection & lost of
Others Electrical Items
◦ UPS system


JAB Consult provides demonstrably reliability in equipment for higher accuracy and precision after calibration. Our Calibration Engineers have attained extensive training and are fully versed with the most up-to date standards to calibrate the equipment as per International Standards. They are made aware of the importance of Customers Satisfaction. Our diverse range of capabilities allow us to carry out calibrations for most of the equipment in industry including both on-site and off-site calibrations.

◦ Force / Torque
◦ Electrical / Electronics
◦ Pressure
◦ Temperature
◦ Weights
◦ Electrical / Chemical Testing
◦ Laboratory Equipments
◦ Mechanical

◦  Ovens
◦  Standard Reference Calibration
◦  Dimensional Calibration
◦  Gauge Calibration (Dial & Digital)
◦  Process Control Instrumentation
◦  Survey Meter Equipment

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Frequently Asked Questions

JAB Consult provides a range of services including urban and regional planning, architectural design, engineering consulting, surveying, safety assessments, supervision, inspection, and equipment calibration.

JAB Consult is an approved vendor of Saudi Aramco, Sabic, and other national and international organizations in various fields.

JAB Consult emphasizes fresh thinking to address challenges and create opportunities in design and construction. The team combines years of experience with a network of well-established organizations to deliver imaginative and practical engineering and architectural solutions.

Yes, JAB Consult recognizes the importance of balancing the needs of the community and the environment. Sustainability is a key consideration in all design and consulting projects undertaken by JAB Consult.

For inquiries or project engagements, you can contact JAB Consult directly through their website or by reaching out to their team via email or phone. They will be happy to discuss your project requirements and provide tailored solutions.